Our latest acquisition: Affinio! This acquisition speaks volumes to the way we are approaching the audience intelligence industry. We are committed to bringing the Audience Intelligence community under one roof to accelerate innovation in the space.

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Demand Intelligence
Social Intelligence
Digital Intelligence

Audience Intelligence

At Audiense we are creating a suite of solutions focused on providing rich digital consumer intelligence to empower your audience strategies and tactical marketing decision making at scale.

Social Intelligence
Uncover social consumer segments that are derived from consumer behavior "in the wild" to reflect real affinities.

Digital Intelligence
Make use of the most representative digital audience insights source in the world, overall digital activity and interactions to uncover the groups that matter to you.

Demand Intelligence
Understand audience’s demand for talent, brands and IP’s based on multiple digital social signals.

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Community Management
Followers Analytics
Hashtag Analytics
X Analytics

X Marketing

Providing you with the most complete suite of analytics tools for X on the Market. Gain access to community management, deep follower and hashtag analytics. 

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Audiense is the perfect tool to support market research.
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Audiense has a very intuitive layout, with easy to follow instructions and guides, and impactful reports and dashboards. It effectively segments and labels audiences according to a large variety of metrics, and will give you a much better sense of who you're engaging with.

Abe Blackburn
Leading technical strategy & innovation | The Social Element

'The best social audiences tool available! is a key tool for understanding the preferences and affinities of social audiences. It’s been successfully used in insight projects for some of the world's leading brands and organizations. No other tool we’ve used offers the same depth of insight, usability, or customer support.

Edward Bass
Founder | More Light

We use both the Connect and Insights parts of Audiense. We use Connect for listening, community insights, and community building. We use Insights to inform content and campaign strategies as well as to identify influential people and entities. Both sides allow us to provide our clients with comprehensive analysis and insights, differentiating us from others as a social media service provider in the process.

Andrew Jenkins
Principal | Volterra

I like that I can use multiple ways to find niche audiences, including people engaging with content, brand connection, self-description keywords and recent activity. There is a very powerful engine that allows me to craft very niche groups to match my clients' specific requirements.

In terms of insights, Audiense provides me with a deeper understanding of an audience or each cluster, not just based on declared information.

Tamara Lucas
Marketing Manager | Google for Startups Spain

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