Supercharge your agency with actionable, data-driven insight

Use real insight to create winning pitches

Create proposals that give you the competitive advantage. Harness the power of audience intelligence to unlock hidden insights and showcase your expertise. 

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Increase client satisfaction with data-driven strategies

Take the stress out of research and planning. Build more thoughtful client strategies using real consumer insight, thanks to competitive intelligence and audience analysis. 

Expand your industry knowledge

Monitor and analyze online conversations at scale to develop your knowledge of industry trends, key influencers, brand and media opportunities, and digital share of voice. 

Deliver better results with minimum effort

Deliver outstanding campaigns without compromising on ROI. With clients increasingly focused on the bottom-line, prove your value with detailed insights that can help you identify best-performing channels and optimize marketing spend. 

Why Audiense?

  • Extract rich insights that will give you the competitive edge in pitches and client relations
  • Develop your understanding of industries and audience with real online interactions
  • Deliver better results with minimum effort and spend, thanks to detailed insights

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