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Every day, billions of people are profiled based on their digital interactions, browser journey, and content consumption in a GDPR-compliant manner. 

SOPRISM helps you identify and isolate genuine affinities, values, and behavioral tendencies to build strategies on a foundation of real consumer insights.

Real target audience & consumer profiling

With a single tool, feed your customer journey and market analysis across all Meta platforms. Gain a full understanding of each consumer segment and identify how you can leverage them in your marketing strategy. 

SOPRISM provides access to data on millions of predefined consumer segments—from sports fans to brand lovers. Use it to analyze your own audience as they move across your website or Instagram and Facebook accounts.

An intelligent, operational & actionable analytics engine

Developed and refined for in-demand audience analysis experts across agencies and enterprises, SOPRISM transforms millions of data points into sociodemographic and psychographic data—all it takes is a few minutes. 

The intuitive dashboard makes it easy to action these consumer insights, using reports to quickly develop content strategies that will resonate with your audience segments.

The Power of Soprism, explained

Customers' reviews

Industry leaders use SOPRISM

An excellent tool for fine-tuning your current audience, but also very useful if you want to expand your business to a new audience. The data we have collected through the platform has allowed us to orientate the content of the website and to optimize the traffic of the SEO channel. The tool is able to give us insights into SEO, our core business, but also allows us to go further by using the data to create consistency in the omnichannel strategy.

César Raimondo
SEO Director | Peak Ace

In my opinion, SOPRISM has a double advantage: on the one hand, it goes beyond the granularity limits of traditional surveys (analysis of web page visitors, detailed CRM audience profiling, analysis of niche behaviors, ...), and on the other hand, it has the advantage of being able to directly apply our learnings to the targeting of digital campaigns, since we work on the basis of META targeting criteria. SOPRISM fits perfectly into the philosophy of our Omni platform, which aims at building personalized consumer experiences “at scale”. We also really appreciate the continuous improvement work, both in terms of interface and content.

Stéphanie Piret
Research Analyst | Omnicom Media Group

SOPRISM helps us to understand in a concrete way who the audience of our clients’ brands is in order to propose tailor-made strategies that resonate with their target audience. The platform provides us in record time with a detailed and 360° view of the target’s universe. This true “identity card” guides our creative and strategic choices in terms of themes, media mix and often even casting for campaign visuals. One of the big advantages of this approach is the absence of post-rationalization: we know what the target actually does in real life and not what they ‘say’ they have done (in a survey), which is a very important nuance.

Christophe Salden
Marketing and Communication Strategist | Noosphere Brand Strategy

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