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Make every dollar count with audience insights that will increase your revenue… without compromising on budget.

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Reach people in the right place, with the right message

Take your advertising to a whole new level by reaching people in the right place, with the right message, at the right time. Unearth insights about your customers that will help you understand where they spend time and the kind of content they respond to.

Build defined audiences based on detailed insights

With in-depth audience data at your fingertips, create defined audiences that will amplify your digital advertising campaigns. Whether that’s interests gleaned from conversations or job titles based on social profiles, build focused segments based on unique insights.

Customers love Audiense

“Audiense allows us to find the nuances of audiences, especially the ones that are very similar like engineers, developers, CIOs and CTOs..."
Michael Brito

EVP of Digital & Analytics, Zeno Group

“Audiense helps us to turn data-points into personas. Using Audiense Connect and Audiense Insights, I can go one step further with my clients..."
Tamara Lucas

Associate Director, Convosphere

“Firstly, the team behind Audiense are absolutely focused on delivering a great product shaped by their users needs. They've not only been really..."
Edward Bass

Founder & Director, EntSight

“Innovative & actionable audience intelligence insights that any business can use to enhance their macro digital strategy..."
Rory Hope

Head of Content SEO, HubSpot

“This is a unique platform to identify and propose audiences, very important for every marketing plan, easier than using expensive market..."
Abraham Geifman

Head of Marketing EMEA/LATAM, HCL

“This is incredibly useful from a marketing point of view as it gives you the tools you need to create truly targeted and personalized marketing and advertising campaigns…"
Lillach Bullock

Digital & Tech Influencer

Plan media strategies more strategically than ever before

Discover the answers to questions such as: Where is your audience based? What channels do they use? What media formats are they likely to respond to? Use this insight to plan more strategic media buys and optimise your budget.

Target the perfect audience, no matter the size

Big or small, mass or niche, use audience intelligence to perfectly target your ideal audience. Tailor different ads to different audiences, build bespoke targeting packs that can be uploaded to digital advertising platforms, and pinpoint the criteria that matters.

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