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Search & Surface Insights On Your Target Audience

Affinio will collect an audience, segment it into clusters, and surface the audience insights in an easy-to-understand dashboard. ​A Twitter audience analysis can provide you with a lot of information about who your audience is in terms of their interests, values, geographic location, and demographics. All of that helps you develop a business strategy based on who your target customers really are, and what they actually care about. The best part? It takes less than 2-hours.

Uncover Common Traits & Affinities For Hyper-targeting

Discover niche and non-endemic audiences leveraging our AI and graph technology by automatically identifying audiences with common interests and traits. Affinio identifies relevant affinities so you can understand who they really are - fast and easily. Search across our 1.6B Twitter profiles based on bio keywords, interests, tags, content and locations to find your hyper-targeted audience segment.

Understand Your Competitors & Customers With Greater Depth

Go way beyond the basics so you can see what your customers, competitors, or potential customers truly care about; uncover what communities they’re a part of so you can know what makes them tick. All this helps you connect with people in a more meaningful way that matters for your brand or services.

Visualize Insights Into Clear & Comprehensible Reports

Reach large scale audiences through Affinio’s custom expansion, “behave-alike” technology that finds more people on Twitter that match the cultural “signature” of an initial seed audience. Then you can visualize audience affinities, interests, and passions with our easy-to-interpret, shareable UI that enables team collaboration, creative / content ideation and media planning strategies. Get report insights in 1-2 hours - which is a fraction of the time and cost of traditional research methods.

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