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Personas - Glean Accurate Details From Active & Passive Social Users

Personas are an integral business strategy that fosters company-wide understanding of who your client’s customers are, what makes them tick and why they love or hate your client’s product or service. Having a deep understanding of your client’s customers — whether that’s their behaviors, wants, needs — enables your strategy, creative and media teams to craft winning campaigns that truly resonate.

Social media is no longer the wild west. There are a lot of different companies and a lot of different ways to get data. There's much accessibility. You can get data very right, and you can get data very wrong. But at the end of the day, everybody has a responsibility I believe in doing the best you can to tell every side of the data story. It's part of why I use Affinio because Affinio gives you not just that bird's eye view but lets you land.

Alex McPherson
Director of Cultural Forensics | Methods+Mastery Agency

Oftentimes, the biggest challenge is that traditional demographic and psychographic approaches have a splattershot effect when niche targeting is what’s really needed.  Affinio uniquely tracks the social interests of both engaged users and the 90% silent majority to paint the full picture on segments.


Uncover Your Brand’s Future Ambassadors

Whether it’s a celebrity spokesperson or a long-tail power broker, find the best ambassador for the job. Affinio’s proprietary Interest Scoring Engine lets you compare the level of admiration that different individuals garner to reveal when lesser known individuals could have more draw and be more accessible. Influencers have the power to amplify your brand and reach new audiences - but it’s not cheap. Why take an educated guess when it comes to your influencer budget? Find those diamonds in the rough with Affinio.


Build Campaigns That Convert

Uncover the top terms an audience uses, the content they share, how they self-describe, and more, to pull the nuggets you need for both SEO and campaign conversion. See when topics pivot or when they stay the same. Beyond just perfecting content, know where to find these like-minded segments through analysis of the domains visited and top media interests. Even take the work out of expanded reach with look-a-like audience capabilities.


Get More Bang For Your Budget Bucks

Assess how campaigns perform by looking at hashtag adoption or measuring interactivity through engagement metrics. Uncover the hot button topics to see what motivates normally quiet users to speak out. Even show you understand your client’s ecosystem by finding the audience overlap in umbrella brands or competitors. Easy enough to use and interpret, with Affinio you can share access to all your integrated agency functions across all your global offices.


Personify Loyalty Members, Survey Respondents & Social Listening Authors

The Affinio engine handles all types of audience queries, including your own supplied Twitter list, with minimal input required. Whether it’s lists of survey respondents, loyalty program participants, email or newsletter members, social listening exports, purchasers, or other - social results come back within hours, not days or weeks. Even set trend monitoring on audience reports to see changing member dynamics on a regular basis.

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