Affinio For Brands

Evolve traditional market research practices to uncover more meaningful insights


Consumer Anthropologists Rejoice

Go beyond demographic segmentation and overcome research participants’ self-identification biases to elicit true interest-based consumer habits.  Affinio provides a modernized digital approach to understanding lifestyles without the expense of specialized expertise. Hone your consumer research without having to hire a data scientist to comb data or go to get another degree.


Augment Your Research

Round out your qualitative and quantitative research (surveys, focus groups, web analytics, etc.) to blend in social insights for a fuller picture. Use Affinio to drive upfront study participation and/or to upload participants afterwards to enhance knowledge of their interests


Something for Everyone

With Affinio you can arm multiple departments in the company with logins so everyone views consistent data from their own lens. Differing data visualization options across multiple available tabs enable insights and exports to be tailored to different stakeholders. The language-agnostic nature makes it easily understood worldwide, letting you continue to be a trusted advisor to strategists while democratizing data access.


Insights Democratization

Interests change over time — and if there’s one thing we can always count on, it’s trends coming, and going. Spotting trends in your audience — whether it’s what they’re doing, talking about or caring about — can help you stay on top of your vertical and your personas, and most importantly, help you hone your competitive advantage.


Easily Prove the ROI of Your Insights

Deliver narratives — not just data points - that move the needle on strategy. Use Affinio insights to move into new global markets, find new prospects in existing markets, uncover trends for product development, realize cross-promotional opportunities and influencers, and optimize your targeting and content strategies. Compare findings against your whole brand family or just your competitors to uncover audience overlap penetration.

Without Affinio, we would have conducted qualitative fieldwork — a time-intensive process that would have taken weeks.

Alexandra Dodd
Strategist | Universal Music, UK

Using Affinio’s interest-based look-a-likes to run ads on Twitter, we saw unbelievable CTRs and CPCs....and our website traffic significantly spiked in the first 24 hours and maintained the increase during our campaign.

Chrissy Werner
VP Marketing |Tubular

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