Gauge the Need For Damage Control

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News breaks fast. Whether you’re managing a brand or client, Affinio can help you

Assess if a scandal is concerning your loyal fans, or just media noise.

Check to see which segments are consuming a particular URL.

Track whether your brand or hashtag surfaces among an audience’s trending terms.

Gauge audience sentiment on a controversial topic by measuring emojis.

Upload a list of social authors to personify the people behind the conversation.

Use ready-made exports for urgent war room visualizations and metrics.

Using Affinio for PR & Crisis Communications

The Scenario

You’ve just learned that your film studio client’s leading lady said some controversial things during the film’s movie tour. As their press representative, you know bad news travels fast and this news could negatively affect box office sales.

Step 1

You hit the ground running with the knowledge of when her controversial post was made and look to assess the impact by identifying those talking about the actress before and after her tweet.

Step 2

The first stop is to grab the ‘before’ and ‘after’ social author list exports from your favorite social listening tool - like Talkwalker, Brandwatch, Sprinklr, or Hootsuite - to set the stage for a comparison.

Step 3

Now turning to Affinio, you upload each list separately to generate two different audience dashboard reports. Together, these reports take a mere 1-2 hours to surface all the insights needed.

Step 4

You get ready to tackle your crisis. After eyeballing the segments in both dashboards, and even baselining them against each other to validate distinctions, you notice the actor’s ‘before’ community of true movie buffs aren’t appearing in the noisy hype audience. The ticket buyers are safe!

Step 5

Breathe a sigh of relief. Affinio helped realize that an investment in damage control would be misguided, thereby saving the Studio time and money.

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