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Audience manager

Quickly and effortlessly combine filter options of user profiles, social relationships and user activities to create personalized audiences which improve the relevancy and performance of your paid and organic campaigns.

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X lists

Organize your followers by creating X lists. Engage with the relevant people to communicate more efficiently.

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Follow & unfollow

Discover new followers and easily follow them back. Identify noisy friends, potential spammers, and inactive users to unfollow.

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X audiences

Create the highest performing X tailored audiences in the market, no matter how niche or broad is your target audience. Always-on synchronization with your X Ads account.

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Explore your community

Get accurate information about your community, get to know your followers in-depth and interact more efficiently. Categorise them with tags and develop your community knowledge.

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Complete global coverage of real-time and historical X content. Audiense provides conversation analysis and one-click campaign targeting.

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Best time to post

Figure out your best time to X is and make the most of every moment. Get the best post-time from a custom sample of users and learn when your audience is most likely to be online.

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X analytics

Complement the free analytics that X provides with a total understanding of who engages with your best post. Add them to lists or target them via X Tailored audiences.

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Account comparison report

Compare your activity to other X accounts or competitors to see who they are, who tweets more, what they generally tweet about.

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Intersection report

Find meaningful intersections and understand the relationships between audiences to gain the intelligence you need to focus on specific segments.

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With our Chatbot builder, create an opt-in chatbot in just a few clicks and engage with subscribers or customers via Twitter using Direct Messages automatically.

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Rule builder

Save time by creating automatic rules to handle significant or interesting X engagements.

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