Audiense connect is the all-in-one Twitter insight and data tool that helps you better understand and manage your audience on Twitter.

It's the perfect companion for your social media management tool of choice. It combines three powerful features into one place:

The Twitter marketing tool you've been looking for...

Research, manage, and analyze Twitter followers

Your Twitter following is a collection of insights and opportunities. Our tool helps you filter out inactive, fake, and spam accounts so you can prioritize the most valuable and engaged.

From understanding the best time to tweet to audience overlap between two accounts ⁠— everything you need to know about a Twitter audience can be unlocked using Audiense.

Manage your Twitter network at scale

Turn Twitter into your own personal CRM using Audiense Connect. Our tool will help you find 'Investors' located in 'New York' for better outreach, remove fake followers, and even mass unfollow the accounts that no longer add value to your feed.

It's an all-in-one solution for turning the millions of Twitter users into your own database for research and audience management.

Run LinkedIn-level targeting ads on Twitter

Use Twitter custom audiences to reach new users with more personalized and tailored advertising campaigns. You can finally be confident where you are putting your digital dollars by targeting accounts that you know will be aligned with your goals and ideal audience.

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Customers' reviews

Audiense is the perfect tool to support market research.
It's helpful for consultants, marketing teams, and agencies...

I use Audiense to gather insights on our community and followers to help maximize the reach of our content. I also use Audiense to run customized Twitter advertising campaigns. The campaigns I have run with Audiense outperformed the campaigns I've run within the native Twitter app. Finally, I've used Audiense to run a massive donation campaign and ended up meeting our goal within 3 days.

Cliff Worley
CMO | Kapor Center

I have been able to use Audiense to grow Twitter followership for around a dozen different business accounts. It has proven to be very effective at identifying target audiences in commercial and B2B markets.

Jeremy Fultz
Marketing Manager | Ohio Digital

Probably the main success factor of the campaign was the high quality of both methodology and data-driven research we utilized. This included the use of large data samples, often containing millions of data points, across multiple data sources in order to cross-validate all of our results. Audiense helped us generate a deep-dive into all of the individual segments of the existing as well as the new audiences we tried to identify and then better understand.

Kathrin Zaitler
Head of Digital Strategy | Bayerische Staatsoper

We have a varied and sometimes, erratic Twitter audience and we needed to be able to get a proper perspective on its value.Audiense has enabled us to clean out both poor followers, and pointless follows and keep our Twitter audience current. The tools are easy to use and effective. As a company who values our social interactions, and engages with the folk who wish to get involved in racehorse ownership, we have seen revenue come directly as result of using Audiense.

Craig McKenna
Managing Partner | Crowd Racing

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